Education AV Solutions

Serving all of Southern Ontairo and the Surrounding Areas

Tomahawk AV is ready to help implement advanced technology and audiovisual solutions for your school, classrooms, gymnasiums and theaters.

In today’s world, young people are learning technology rapidly and it’s critical in their school environment. Creating the best technology solution will help give your staff the necessary tools to inspire and educate.

Implementing the right security solutions will create a safe environment while educating and learning takes place. Creating a technology based environment will inspire, excite and help collaborate.

With the newest AV communications and collaboration solutions, it will help grow excitement and inspiration for your students while keeping them safe.

Education AV:

  • Schools
  • Classrooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Theatres

Education Solutions:

  • AV Systems - Interactive Projectors, Flat Screens, SMART Boards
  • Digital Signage
  • Intercom & Telephone
  • Lockdown & Safety
  • Video Walls & Scoreboards


Looking for an AV company to help your business? Contact us for a free consultation, to explore all your options.  We will discuss your business goals and find the best AV solution. 

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